I’m an open web engineer living in Massachusetts and working for Bocoup, a technology company that helps move the web forward by contributing to open source technologies, training the community, and consulting.

I’m interested in clean code, security, and a successful, healthy deployment process. I believe truly great ideas require an amazing team and a strong DevOps foundation. I usually write about web technologies, and am passionate about my craft.

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Podcasting With Jekyll

My experience using Jekyll to power the Rubber Ducking Podcast website, and an overview on how to host a static site using S3.

Favorite Posts

A ProXPN Client for Linux

Introduction to the command line client I wrote to simplify the use of ProXPN’s OpenVPN service on Linux.

Arch Linux on a Macbook 8.1

My experience running Arch Linux on a Macbook Pro 8,1.

RequireJS Projects and Asynchronously Loading the Google Maps API

A pattern that is useful for handling dependencies which asynchronously load their own dependencies. Like google maps.

How I Test Locally Hosted Sites With Physical Devices

A walk through of how I use Charles proxy to test locally hosted sites with physical devices

DotVaults: Encrypted hidden file backup

An outline of my dot-files project and how it can help to backup hidden configuration files

Eliminating Confirmation Bias: Putting the Science Back Into Computer Science

Confirmation bias is the tendency to favor information that supports one’s views or hypothesis. Every time you’re troubleshooting a problem and think, “I know it can’t be ____” you might be guilty of it. As a web developer I know that feeling all too well. Think about your last debugging experience…

My Off Grid Power Setup

A writeup on the off grid power setup I have, how it works, and a general overview on what you need to know to build one yourself.

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